• About us:
    • we are manufacturer, distributor, importerof foodstuffs;
    • we operate continuously since 1992;
    • we have earned a position of a leader in sales and manufacturing on the European market

    We supply to:

    • food-and-vegetable processing plants,
    • bakeries, pastries, ice-cream parlours,
    • retail chains;
    • wholesale business.


    • we manufacture and import under own brands;
    • of our customers and under our brands;
    • we import products from over 70 countries of the world;
    • we are recognizable on 5 continents;
    • quality of our products is certified by ISO, HACCP & BRC

    We render services:

    • development of individual formulas for products branded by customer;
    • packing of seeds, pips, sweetmeats, grains, rice and other loose products into retail and bigger packaging;
    • dedicated import to customer’s warehouse.

    We are not indifferent:

    we act based on CSR – we support those in need;

    we are the partner of social campaign Taste of life.